iParkit: Holidazzle Minneapolis Parking Tips

The Minneapolis-centric holiday festival is back again at beautiful Loring Park! Get ready to take part in free, family-friendly festivities that will get you in the holiday spirit.

Planning on making  a trip to Holidazzle this holiday season? We saved your spot.

Here are a few parking tips to make sure you’re all set for this spectacular Minneapolis holiday display:

1. Reserve Your Parking Online

For any prime time event  at Loring Park, it’s always best to reserve your parking in advance. This way you have guaranteed access to the garage, regardless of how busy traffic is the day of. Need to head out for a bit? No problem whatsoever. You have unlimited in & out privileges during your reservation time.

Holidazzle at Loring Park

Dates: Thursdays – Sundays, November 23rd – December 23rd

This beloved holiday experience is the perfect display of Minneapolis’ special charm. Featuring products and places that highlight the city’s food scene and local entertainers, this event truly presents the best that Minneapolis has to offer. There are several movie nights scheduled throughout the festival as well that will go up on the big screen in the heart of the park. Enjoy classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Polar Express all while sipping on a cup of of cocoa and eating local sweets!

Visit us at our Loring Park garage and be just a one minute walk away from all of the holiday fun!

Click the image below to reserve today



2. Plan to Arrive Early

If you plan on visiting this Minneapolis holiday extravaganza, it’s best to always give yourself some breathing room. Depending on the specific events the day of,  there’s a good chance that there will be traffic jams closer to peak event hours.

Plan ahead and do your best to reserve a space an hour or so before you normally would just to be on the safe side!

3. Extend Your Reservation

Don’t want to leave the winter wonderland just yet? There’s no need to rush back to the garage! With every iParkit reservation, you have the option to edit and extend your reservation.

  • In the main menu tap on “RECEIPTS”
  • Tap on the reservation you would like to edit
  • Scroll down to “EDIT RESERVATION”
  • Change the end time on your reservation
  • Make your changes to the time and or date
  • Your new rate will display before you proceed to extend your reservation, so you’re well aware of what the additional charge will be.
  • This will update your current reservation to reflect the new end time.

If your reservation hasn’t started yet, you can still extend it ahead of time. If you do so, a new reservation and barcode will be created.


iParkit. We Saved Your Spot.

One thought on “iParkit: Holidazzle Minneapolis Parking Tips

  1. It’s really nice that the best parking spaces now not only allow online reservations but also gives customers the option to extend their reservations. My dad would definitely find this super cool because it takes off the burden of being surprised with extra charges or parking tickets in case the family doesn’t want to leave Winter Wonderland amusement park yet. It’s really convenient to be able to simply add hours to his parking up to until the time the twins are ready to go home. This is amazing!


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